Julián Méndez is an illustrator and technical artist currently working on the video games industry.

Born and raised in Colombia attended to LCI LaSalleCollege, where he studied graphic design and with special focus on the animation generalist phase of the coursed areas. He worked for OGRE studios, and teached at IDENTITY school of digial arts. Over the further years he have coursed different Character Design and painting courses on different places, and at the moment is enrolled to develop stronger programming skills.

He worked as a visual Development Artist at the californian company BebepBee Inc. where he worked different titles like: Snapimals, Jurassic GO (both multiple time featured at Appstore and PlayStore), the upcoming Super Jump League and Red Lion titles.
Currently Is working as technical and visual artist for Studio Bando, developing graphic solutions and implementing them directly to the engine, for the upcoming title : Ghost Game ! (featured in Appstore)

Enthusiastic of traveling, Julián now resides in Bogotá, Colombia.


Julián Méndez
+(57) 315 4177948